Thursday, August 13, 2015

More than Enough

Lirik Lagu and Kunci Lagu / Chord Lagu More than Enough by JPCC Worship - Album More than Enough

When the mountains fall
              D                 G
And the sea turns rough
              C                                                  D
"But my Word stands strong", says The Lord

When the world gets tough
                 D                 Em
Filled with broken hearts
              C                  D                       G
"But my Love won't fail", says The Lord

                     G              G
Your love is powerful, knees shall bow
                    Em                Em
Your love is mighty, The earth will shake
Your Grace abounds in us
             D                                G
You're more than enough for me

Jesus You're able
To break every chain
Our lives in Your hands
You're in control
Grace overflows in us
            D                                    G
You're more than enough for me

C         D          Em
Power, mercy, never failing
C             D           Em
Stronger, deeper, never changing
C             D           Em
Glorious, faithful, never ending
C    D             G
Great is our God

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